Products, packaging and process technology have evolved substantially since Lyons Magnus was founded in 1852. One thing, however, has remained unchanged - Lyons' commitment to offer the food industry unsurpassed product quality and variety.

Our reputation for providing products with "Finer Flavor" begins with Grenadine Syrup - the original product packed under the Lyons brand. It continued with Lyons Root Beer, a favorite throughout the West during the early and middle 20th century. Today, Lyons offers a broad line of value added fruit, beverage, and chocolate products to both the food service and industrial dairy segments.

The growth of Lyons into one of the leading suppliers in the industry is due in large part to our unique corporate positioning. Lyons combines the values of a family-owned and operated company with the aggressive implementation of advanced technology in both processing and business systems. Balancing tradition and technology makes Lyons a progressive, results-oriented organization.

Lyons is directly involved at nearly every level of our industry - growing and processing of key raw materials, process engineering, manufacturing, warehousing and transportation. This strategy of vertical integration guarantees quality and value.


Our business today is segmented into three primary divisions:

Foodservice - The Lyons Foodservice Division supplies foodservice operators with a wide variety of products including fountain syrups & toppings, aseptic juices, beverage bases, fruit fillings, breakfast condiments, and healthcare items.

Ingredient - The Lyons Ingredient Division provides fruit and flavor preparations designed for use in a customer's frozen dessert, cultured, or beverage product.

International - Both foodservice and ingredient products are offered to our valued customers outside of the United States. Lyons recognizes the special needs of these customers and makes the appropriate modifications to flavor profiles, functionality, and packaging.