Lyons Signature Infusions & Beverage Syrups are a contemporary and exciting line of beverage syrups designed to meet all of your beverage needs. Specially formulated to complement Iced Teas, Lemonades, Limeades, Sodas and Aguas Frescas without masking their natural essence. Signature Infusions also offer bold flavor profiles that create intensely flavored Shakes and Malts. This cross-utilization gives you the flexibility to offer a variety of beverage choices to patrons without purchasing multiple products. Signature Fruit Infusions contain more real fruit juice and fruit puree than any other related product on the market today. By blending real fruit with natural flavors and purified water, you can be assured that your beverage menu will be infused with true fruit taste!.

Signature Fruit Infusions contain real fruit puree and natural flavors that will enhance your beverage menu with true, “fruit infused” flavor. By utilizing fresh fruit that has been gently pasteurized, we’ve created a product that isn’t overly sweet and allows genuine fruit taste to come alive when mixed with all your current beverage offerings. We’ve used our years of experience in fruit processing and flavor development to create a line of products that will keep your patrons returning for a premium flavor. Lyons Signature Infusions are perfect for any food service operation; QSR’s, Family Dining, Mid-Scale Restaurants, Colleges, Scoop Shops, B&I’s, Hotels - the list is endless.

Signature Beverage Syrups are distinctively prepared to enhance the taste of specialty drinks and add variety to your menu. Lyons premium syrups have the perfect balance of natural sugar content and flavor concentration so your beverages aren't overly sweet. Add Lyons Signature Beverage Syrups to coffee, iced coffee drinks, and shakes and bring variety back to your beverage program.

Lyons understands that operational convenience is key to food service operators of all types. That's why we carefully selected a ½ ounce portion control pump that offers the flexibility to create a variety of infused beverages without the unnecessary waste.
We also understand that counter space is precious! Keep it neat by stowing your Signature Infusion & Beverage Syrup bottles in our convenient four-tiered rack system. By incorporating advanced packaging with operational convenience, Lyons Signature Infusions provide superior quality and easy to use products with a contemporary look.

Available Merchandise
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Product Category List

Item Description Pack
3842 Mango Fruit Infusion 6/32 oz
3843 Strawberry Fruit Infusion 6/32 oz
3844 Raspberry Fruit Infusion 6/32 oz
3845 Pomegranate Fruit Infusion 6/32 oz
3846 Blackberry Fruit Infusion 6/32 oz
3847 Caramel Beverage Syrup 6/32 oz
3848 Vanilla Beverage Syrup 6/32 oz
3849 Hazelnut Beverage Syrup 6/32 oz
4286 Milk Chocolate Beverage Syrup 6/32 oz
4403 Dark Chocolate Beverage Syrup 6/32 oz