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Ghoul’s Punch

Ingredients for Ghoul's Punch

46 oz Lyons 100% Pineapple Juice
16 oz Maui Lemon Ice
12 oz Cold Water
4 slices Orange Slices

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In a punch bowl combine Lyons Pineapple juice, Maui Lemon Ice, and water together. Float Orange slices and
frozen hand in punch and serve immediately.

Makes four 8-10 oz servings.

Ingredients for Frozen Hand 

46 oz Lyons Ready to Serve Cranberry Cocktail
2-3 Clear Plastic Gloves (without powder)
2-3 Rubber Bands

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Carefully pour Lyons Ready to Serve Cranberry Cocktail into plastic gloves. Fill the gloves so that the
fingers move easily. Tightly seal the glove with a rubber band and place on a baking sheet lined with towels.
Freeze until firm. Before adding to punch use scissors to cut the glove o of the frozen hand. If any of the
fingers fall of just add them to the punch for even more ghoulish fun!

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