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Flavors for Milk

Take advantage of the consumer friendly single serve milk beverages trend by putting Lyons R&D group to work for you. Lyons offers one-step formulas that combine purees, flavors, stabilizers and sweeteners. All you do is add the flavoring to your milk.


The addition of organic fruit purees with WONF's and organic sweeteners can elevate milk to a super premium beverage category. Lyons can assist you with:


All natural formulas
  • Inulin boosted formulas

  • Carrageenan stabilized formulas

  • Medical beverage bases

  • Smoothie bases


Flavors available include:
  • Brown Cow

  • Banana

  • Strawberry

  • Mocha

  • Blueberry

  • Coffee

  • Peach



A traditional holiday season treat. Lyons offers eggnog bases which are ready to add to the dairy blend at a 20:1 ratio. This product contains the egg yolk solids, flavor, and color required to make a product that can be labeled "eggnog" when the dairy mix used complies with federal regulation. A 29:1 concentrate is also available for states that allow a .5% egg yolk drink.


Soy Milk Flavors

Timing is everything and soy products are a growing market. Try our flavors to enhance soy milk.      


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