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Our juice bases are aseptically packed to capture the natural, high-quality, "just-picked" flavor and rich vibrant color desired in fruit juices while also providing convenient and cost-conscious options to meet the specific needs for foodservice operators.

Juice Bases

Ready-to-Serve Juices

Twist and pour is all that's needed to experience Lyons shelf-stable fruit juices that are delicious and have fresh squeezed flavor. Also available in shelf-stable convenient portion cups.

Dispensed Beverages

Lyons takes superior flavor and unmatched variety to the next level with a comprehensive line of shelf-stable dispensed juice concentrates and bases. From juices and juice beverages to teas and sugar-free beverages…a beverage solution to fit every need!

Our premium flavored syrups have a variety of beverage applications - from teas and coffees, to crafted sodas, mocktails and cocktails. Enhance and keep your beverage menu fresh and creative by choosing Lyons as your beverage solution partner.

Premium Beverage Syrups

Fruit Purees

"Fresh from the orchard" taste combined with ultimate convenience. Our Fruit Purees provide operators the freedom of using real, all-natural fruit in everything from cocktails to sauces and desserts, without the time and hassle of peeling, mashing or pureeing!

Smoothies & Cocktails

Blend to your heart's content for easy-to-make, fresh, premium tasting smoothies and cocktails! Available in either shelf-stable or frozen cartons. Make your menu selection as broad as you desire with endless combinations of Lyons and Maui smoothie and cocktail flavors.

Our resources enable us to provide a complete product line of popular and emerging frozen juices and beverage concentrates that are preservative-free and of superior quality and value.

Frozen Juices

Perfection in every glass without the hassle of brewing tea. Our Iced Tea Concentrates offer the convenience, consistency, and quality every operation desires.

Iced Tea

Slush Base & Snow Cone Syrups

Lyons Ice Cap™ Syrups and 8X Slush Concentrates create unique and refreshing snow-cones, fruit flavored beverages, slushes and more. Our products are great tasting, easy to prepare, and affordable!

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