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Lyons understands the importance for operators to have access to accurate and relevant information to make decisions. That is why we make it a priority to stay current with what is occurring on menus and with flavors to provide individuals the critical data needed. We do this by consistently accumulating information from industry experts to track menu, food, beverage, flavor & ingredient trends in Foodservice and then present it in a way that is simple to interpret and put into action.


Our Trend Sheets cover three key topics:

The Food Trend with an explanation of the trend

The Facts listing top product flavors and restaurants/chefs that support the trend

The Flavors with recipes that support the trend and flavor using Lyons products

Feel Good Foods

Consumers are seeking restaurants that offer menu items that support a healthier diet whether it’s perceived or actually better for you. In addition individuals want to put their money where their mouth is in contributing to establishments who they feel are environmentally and socially responsible.

Classic Dishes Reinvented

What’s old is new again - comfort/diner food concepts with an updated twist. Restaurants are taking classic comfort dishes & making these items more upscale with a few modern variations. Celebrity chefs are opening fast casual or bar/grill type restaurants and serving elevated American foods.

Beverage & Dessert
Trend Portfolio

A comprehensive guide to beverage and dessert concepts based on current menu trends.

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