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Sea Salt Caramel Mocha Frappé


One 16 fl oz drink


  • 16 fl oz cup, full of ice

  • 3 fl oz Coffee House Essentials Frappe & Smoothie Base (item 30314) 

  • 2 fl oz espresso 

  • 2 fl oz Coffee House Essentials Chocolate Sauce (item 30311)* 

  • 1 fl oz milk

  • whipped cream (optional) 

  • Sea Salt Caramel Sweet Indulgence Sauce (item 4737) (optional) 


Blend ice, Coffee House Essentials Frappe & Smoothie Base, espresso, Coffee House Essentials Chocolate Sauce, and milk in blender. Pour into cup. Top with whipped cream and drizzle Caramel Designer Dessert Sauce for extra flair.

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