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All You Can Eat Ice Cream and Zoo Animals, What More Could You Ask For

Every summer for more than 20 years, Fresno's Chaffee Zoo has partnered with Producers Dairy Ice Cream to host it's annual Zoofari Fundraiser. Booths of ice cream are set up all over the zoo for an evening of delicious ice cream treats and zoo fun!

For years, Lyons has donated various ice cream goodies like Royal Belgium Chocolate Fudge, Strawberry Topping and Mallo Creme Topping for this event that raises money to help keep Fresno's zoo and it's animals healthy and happy.

This year's fundraiser was a success with all 3500 tickets selling out in advance! Lyons prides itself in taking an active role in making its surrounding community a great place to live.

zoofari lyons 2015

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