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Cool Down With Hot Smoothie Trends

It is time to get on the smoothie and juice trend that consumers are raving about! Smoothies are not just an indulgent snack anymore and are now treated as a quick, on-the-go meal replacement, post-workout meal, healthy alternative and so much more. By offering this type of portable and convenient beverage option, consumers are able to snack and work simultaneously which will make your menu items more appealing to Millennials who lead busy lifestyles. Convenience and time are important factors to consumers which is why we now reach for these grab-and-go options like smoothies. We are here to help you add delicious smoothies to your menu with our Maui Fruit Blends for real fruit smoothies. Just add ice and your choice of milk or yogurt, blend, and serve! Add options such as fresh vegetables, protein powder, and milk replacements. Click here to check out our FaceBook page for some delicious recipe inspiration!

Source: Datassential MenuTrends Snapshot – July 2016

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