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The Little Plain Cheesecake

Let Lyons help you dress up your plain cheesecake this holiday season! Just like you pair a shiny necklace to your Little Black Dress why not add some crushed candy canes and Strawberry Designer Dessert Sauce to your cheesecake. Lyons has an array of decadent dessert sauces to take your plain cheesecake from drab to FAB! Your customers will love their dressed up cheesecake, from chocolate pirouettes paired with Dark Chocolate Truffle sauce to walnuts paired with Sea Salt Caramel. The possibilities are endless with Lyons dessert sauces, with the suggestions listed below or a creation of your own you are sure to satisfy every customer!

  • Chocolate pirouettes with Lyons Sweet Indulgece Dark Chocolate Truffle Sauce and Lyons Chocolate Designer Dessert Sauce

  • Walnuts with Lyons Sweet Indulgence Sea Salt Caramel Sauce

  • Crushed candy canes with Lyons Strawberry Designer Dessert Sauce

  • Craisins with Lyons Raspberry Designer Dessert Sauce

  • Crushed Oreos with Lyons Chocolate Designer Dessert Sauce

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