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The Craft Mocktail Movement


Master Mocktail Mixology

2017 is the year of the crafted mocktail! The bar segment is forever evolving but this new movement involves premium ingredients and paying close attention to freshness and flavor. The unique aromas and flavor profiles of mocktails create a sense of adventure and inspire customers to step outside of their comfort zone to experience something truly unique. But don’t think mocktails are as simple as leaving out the alcohol. These specialty refreshments require bartenders to get creative and experiment with different ingredients to ensure the optimal balance of

flavor and craft.


Buy Local

Source ingredients from your local area to create regional mocktails. This is a great way to shine some light on your community and showcase what’s special about the region you live in! The seasonality of different fruits and herbs also play a big role in creating signature drinks and could be used as a platform for marketing your offerings.


Raise Your Glasses & Your Profits


Crafted mocktails provide operators the chance to charge customers more than traditional non-alcoholic beverages, increasing the average check amount. By eliminating the alcohol, one of

the most expensive ingredients, it also keeps them affordable. Mocktails can appeal to a variety of groups from underage drinker and non-drinkers to health conscious consumers.



Fresh Strawberry Thai Mocktail

3 oz. Maui Lemon Ice (item #3087)

1/4oz. Premium Strawberry Beverage Syrup (item #5077)

5 oz. Soda Water

Cayenne to taste

Fresh ginger, mint, strawberry and lemon

Muddle ginger, mint, strawberry, lemon and cayenne. Top with Maui Lemon Ice, Premium Strawberry Beverage Syrup and soda water.

Stir until combined and pour over ice.

Garnish with lime wedge, mint and strawberry.

Makes one 12 oz. serving

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