The Next Generation

Marketers and restaurateurs have had their focus on the Millennial generation for years. It’s time for them to move on over because there is a new demographic cohort.

Gen Z is the next group of consumers and as they are entering adulthood and starting to earn their own money, they are making a significant impact on the restaurant industry! Read below to find out more about this group that is

coming of age.


Who is Gen Z?

Also known as the iGeneration, these individuals were born in the mid-90’s to early ’00s. Born into an era of technology and living through a recession, this group is tech-savvy, cautious and socially conscious. Their limited budgets and lack of patience make quick service restaurants the most frequented but fast casual concepts are competing for their dollars as well. Technology and restaurants go hand in hand when it comes to Gen Z. Their orders are placed online, Snapchat is their app of choice during the meal and Twitter’s 140 characters or less is all they need to provide feedback about their recent experience.