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Affogatos – A Creamy Afternoon Delight!

Simplicity is beautiful and the affogato, calling for only two ingredients is a true testament to that!

The affogato is a scoop of vanilla ice cream dowsed in hot coffee or espresso and is often served after lunch or dinner. With origins in Italy, the meaning of affogato is “drowned” in Italian. The contrasting temperatures of cool ice cream and hot espresso proves to be a match made in heaven. Not only is this dessert absolutely delicious, the swirled light and dark colors create a beautiful marble finish.


The menu growth rate of the affogato has increased 97% over the last four years¹ and in 2016 even Starbucks offered this cool concept to their coffee lovers with an affogato-style Frappuccino.

¹Datassential SNAP, 2018


To add a cool twist to tradition, operators are adding cake, cookie crumbles, dessert sauces and even alcohol.



Mint Chocolate Affogato

7 oz. Cold brew coffee

5 oz. Maui Soft Serve

1 oz. Lyons Sweet Indulgence Mint Chocolate Sauce (item #5149)

Place soft serve in a dessert bowl or coffee cup. Pour cold brew coffee over soft serve and top with Sweet Indulgence Mint Chocolate Sauce.

Makes one 12 oz. affogato

click here for printable recipe

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