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National Bacon Lovers Day

On August 20, we celebrate YOU bacon lovers and all the things you love about bacon! Whether you love it for the sweet sound of the sizzle, the heavenly smell, the out-of-this world taste, or maybe all three, we’re with you!

That’s Too Much Bacon – Said No One Ever

True bacon lovers know how they like to get their fix but for those who are just starting to dabble in the bacon realm, below are a few ideas to inspire you.

  • Traditionalists appreciate good old bacon and eggs.

  • For those with a sweet tooth in the morning, a bacon topped donut will do the trick.

  • If you prefer to drink your breakfast, a bloody mary topped off with a slice of bacon is always a good idea.

  • A bacon wrapped hot dog has just enough “adventure” for some.

  • Crushed bacon baked into a pizza – umm yes please.

  • How about bacon wrapped asparagus? Because let’s face it, life is all about balance.


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