Beat the Heat With a Mangonada

What is sweet, savory, spicy and is guaranteed to get you through the summer?

A Mangonada of course! Known for its tangy flavor and bold colors, this traditional Mexican treat is quickly gaining popularity across the United States. It only requires a few ingredients, making it convenient for operators to execute.

Traditionally, mangonadas are made with any combination of mango, lime, chamoy, chili and tajin.

  • Mango – Fresh mango, mango puree or even mango sherbet works best for creating the beverage base.

  • Chamoy – This is a well-known sauce in Mexico make from pickled fruit. It’s typically salty, sweet and sour all-in-one. You’ll generously layer this sauce in the beverage.

  • Tajin – This blend of seasoning is made of chili pepper, lime and salt

  • Tamarind Straws – These are optional but will add flavor and flair to the final product!

The Great Debate

Is it a refreshing smoothie? An afternoon snack? A dessert? Well there’s no right answer but depending on your operation, a mangonada can work under a couple of different menu parts! The sweet and savory notes make it versatile and perfect for any time of day.

Customizable Creations

Don’t let the name full you, mangonadas can be made with more than just mango. Let customers customize their beverages by providing a variety of fresh fruits and even chili sauces with different heat levels. Operators can even customize it with a splash of tequila to create an adult libation.

Social Media Worthy

Bold red and yellow colors make this beverage very “instagrammable”. And since this treat is still gaining traction, it also suggests a sense of uniqueness and adventure which is great for social media.