Building a Better For You Beverage Program

As consumers shy away from sugary drinks, forward looking operators are offering fresh, house-made drinks to capitalize on the movement.


Lemonades & Limeades:

Lemonade is menued on 63% of restaurants. Limeade is menued at 2.7% of restaurants, although has seen significant growth over the last 4 years¹. The blend of sweet fruit and earthy flavors is an increasingly popular combination for hand-crafted lemonades and limeades.

Aguas Frescas:

A fresh and simple base allows operators to add their own special twist from herbs and fruit, to soda water and spirits.

Iced Teas:

Approximately 80% of tea consumed in American is iced². The change in seasons is the perfect occasion to introduce seasonal ingredients to iced teas.

Crafted Sodas:​​

Almost two in five consumers agree that most soft drinks are too high in sugar and the same percentage want to see more natural beverages on the menu³. To combat the decline of traditional sodas, operators should consider creative and unique combinations to offer consumers.

A strong beverage program is vital in a competitive industry and so is partnering with an industry leader.


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²Tea Association Tea Fact Sheet, 2018

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