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Technical Services is another area where Lyons maintains an aggressive commitment to sophisticated technology and a dedication to product quality and service. Our Technical Services Group manages three important functions - quality assurance, product development, and regulatory affairs.


All of these activities take place in an on-site, 6,400 square foot facility that is dedicated to the Technical Services function. This state-of-the-art facility includes a fully integrated quality assurance computer system, analytical equipment such as water activity and oxygen analyzers, automated refractometers, and digital viscometers. More importantly, it is staffed by a highly educated and motivated team of technologists and food scientists dedicated to providing quality products.


Quality Assurance

The quality assurance function at Lyons starts with our team of technologists focusing on raw materials. Every lot of inbound raw materials is audited to make certain it is within specification before acceptance. From there, the focus turns to in-process quality assurance, as each batch is analyzed prior to filling using a sophisticated computerized database. Finally, post-production quality assurance takes place as each lot is checked from both an analytical and organoleptic standpoint to make certain that it meets our exacting standards before being released.


Much of the post-production analysis on aseptic products takes place in our microbiological lab, another highly sophisticated area within our Technical Services facility. In this facility, aseptic samples are drawn and plated to check for microbial activity. This important function helps ensure that our aseptic products have been processed as designed in a completely sterile environment and remain microbiologically stable.


Product Development

The Lyons product development team has built a well deserved reputation for innovation, and works closely with our sales representatives and customers in the creation of new product concepts. Our technologists perform initial product development and flavor work on the benchtop, then move into our pilot production facility. The pilot plant includes all of the necessary equipment to produce small batches and replicate how a prototype formula will work in standard production.


Regulatory Affairs

Lyons also staffs a regulatory affairs department to ensure that all of our products and packaging meet the regulations that are legislated by various governmental agencies.

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