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Vanilla Créme Berry Trifle


16 oz Whipping Cream
8 oz Lyons Vanilla Créme Sauce
4 slices Pound Cake (cut into cubes)
4 oz Lyons Frozen Strawberry Topping (thawed)
4 oz Lyons Frozen Blackberry Topping (thawed)
4 oz Fresh Blueberries and Fresh Raspberries

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In a bowl combine Lyons Frozen Berry Toppings with fresh berries and refrigerate. Beat whipping cream and Lyons Vanilla Créme Sauce with an electric mixer until stiff peaks form. Spoon or pipe whipped cream mixture into a glass. Next add about 4 cubes of pound cake, followed by a layer of berries. Repeat layering and finish with more vanilla whipped cream. Serve immediately or refrigerate until ready.

Makes 4 individual trifles!

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