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White Chocolate Spider Martini


2 oz White Chocolate Liqueur
1 oz Maui White Chocolate
1 oz Milk
2 oz Vodka
.5 Lyons Chocolate Designer Dessert Sauce (for spiderweb)

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Prepare martini glass. Combine white chocolate liqueur, Maui White Chocolate Sauce, milk, vodka and ice in cocktail shaker. Stir until well mixed. Strain into prepared martini glass. (instructions on how to prepare martini glass below)
How to prepare Martini Glass – Drizzle Lyons Chocolate Designer Dessert Sauce in a spiral design on the side of the martini glass. Drag a toothpick from the middle out towards the edge of the martini glass to create the spider web design. And Voila, you have a spooky addition to your cocktail menu!!


Makes one 6 oz cocktail.

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