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At Lyons, we believe who we are as a company is as important as what we do. We feel a great responsibility to the people and communities that make our success possible. We are passionate about our customers, have an uncompromising focus on quality and proudly possess over 150 years of experience in the food and beverage manufacturing industry.


What sets Lyons apart is our unique relationship with integrated farming and fruit processing. This enables us to ensure quality in every step of the process from ingredients to packaging. This key aspect of our product development has made us an innovative leader marketing fruit, beverage and cocoa-based products both domestically and internationally. We are proud to have built a unique portfolio of food and beverage products because of our ability to offer custom product formulation and extensive packaging options to our customers.


Our business today has three primary divisions: Foodservice, Ingredients and International. Our Foodservice division offers products including toppings, sauces, juices, syrups, healthcare items and much more. Our Ingredients division provides fruit and flavor preparations designed for use in frozen desserts, cultured, or beverage products. Our International division serves customers all over the world while recognizing and making appropriate modifications to flavor profiles, functionality and packaging.

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