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Fillings, Preserves &
Breakfast Syrups

Each of our sauces and syrups is made from premium ingredients and provides an easy way to upgrade any dessert on your menu. Use these desserts sauces to add a finishing touch to your ice cream sundaes, cake, brownies, and more. Your customers will love the rich flavor of our chocolate sauce and the light sweetness of our fruit sauces. Add caramel sauce and pecans to any dessert for a southern inspired flavor, or try our strawberry or mango Designer Dessert Sauces with vanilla yogurt for a delicious treat. 


  • Fruit Fillings

  • Preserves & Jellies

  • Cone Dips & Coatings

  • Pancake & Waffle Syrups

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Custom Solutions

Collaborate with Lyons for rapid innovation and quality results. From small market tests, limited time offers (LTOs), or core menu rollouts, we are ready to support regional, national, and global chain restaurants.

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