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Craft Beverages

At Lyons, we are proud to create top quality food and beverages, with a consistent approach and a reliable commitment to deliciousness. We aim to develop products that help facilitate memorable experiences for your customers, without fail. Below is excerpts of our extensive list of beverage options. 

  • Lemonades & Limeades

  • Fruit Essentials Pourable Fruits

  • Slush Bases

  • Maui Real Fruit Smoothie & Beverage Mixes

  • Maui Frozen Smoothie & Beverage Mixes

Lemonades Limeades.jpg

& Limeades

Lyons premium Lemonade and Limeade are made with simple ingredients for extraordinary flavor. Whether you serve by the glass, pitcher, or from a dispenser, there is goodness in every sip!

Maui Strawberry.jpg

Maui Real Fruit Smoothie & Beverage Mix

Maui Real Fruit Smoothies are made with more real fruit for great taste. 

We Carefully Source our Premium Fruit from Select Growers at the Peak of Ripeness. Capitalize on the consumer trend towards Better-For-You by offering real fruit smoothies as part of your core menu.

Pourable Fruit Essentials.jpg

Fruit Essentials
Pourable Fruits

Lyons Fruit Essentials Pourable Fruit is made with real diced fruit and fruit purees. Perfect for crafting smoothies, beverages, milkshakes, cocktails and more. Store frozen and thaw before use.

Maui Frozen.jpg

Maui Frozen Smoothie & Beverage Mixes

Maui Original Fruit Blends start with real fruit! It’s a simple concept but your customers will be able to taste the goodness in every sip. The exotic flavors and brilliant colors make Maui Original Fruit Blends refreshing and versatile! 

Slush Base.jpg

Slush Bases

Lyons Ice Cap syrups for Sno Cones and 8 Power Concentrates for Slush create unique and refreshing sno cones. By using a number of dispensing options, operators can add an array of flavorful drinks to their menu, inexpensively.

Lyons Co-Craft logo

Custom Solutions

Collaborate with Lyons for rapid innovation and quality results. From small market tests, limited time offers (LTOs), or core menu rollouts, we are ready to support regional, national, and global chain restaurants.

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