The Foodservice Division at Lyons Magnus markets a wide array of fruit, chocolate, juice, and beverage products to all segments of the foodservice industry. We market products under the Lyons brand and also partner with many of the premier distributors in the country to market products under their labels.


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Juices & Beverages
Toppings, Sauces, Syrups & Fillings

Lyons has you covered in each beverage category to quench the thirst and satisfy the demands of your customers while helping you boost sales and profitability. Our extensive beverage offerings range from non-carbonated fruit beverages and bases, iced teas, beverage syrups and infusions, slush bases to liquid hot chocolate. Stir, mix, and concoct drinks to your heart's content to make your beverage menu truly yours!

Whether your need is breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, Lyons will put variety back on your menu. The highest quality, freshest ingredients and a commitment to advanced processing and packaging allow for menu creations that taste like they were made from scratch.


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The Lyons ReadyCare Nutritional product line has been specially formulated to provide the taste, eye appeal and nutritional needs that healthcare providers require. Whether it’s our ready-to-serve thickened juices, frozen shake supplements or fiber juices, Lyons offers quality products that are cost effective, easy to use, and meet the needs of today’s foodservice operators.

Market Trends

Lyons gathers the best Industry insight from knowledgeable and reputable foodservice experts to provide you with current information. Find out what’s on food and beverage menus, what customers are ordering, the flavors they’re enjoying, how customers’ preferences are changing, on-trend and emerging flavors, and growing concepts in American foodservice.

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