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Employee Benefits

Lyons Magnus brings to you all of the beneficial programs you can use to create a rewarding career.  Lyons builds on its commitment in rewarding our employees …

Family in Pool


Lyons Magnus offers 8 paid holidays on an annual basis.  The days observed are either company designated or discretionary.



Employees are eligible for vacation time based on years of service.


Personal Time

Full time regular employees are eligible to receive personal leave benefits for jury duty, funeral, personal or family illness.

Learning & Development

Development opportunities include companywide orientation, training workshops and off-site learning courses.


Medical Insurance Plan

Comprehensive medical coverage is an optional benefit provided for eligible employees and dependents.  Employees share in the cost of coverage with pre-tax payroll deductions.


To read more about our health plan, please visit:

Wellness Program

To ensure a healthy lifestyle, Lyons Magnus Wellness program provides confidential personal health assessments, several lifestyle management programs, health coaches, and on-line health tools at no cost to you and your family.  Lyons Magnus will provide a medical premium discount for participation.


Virtual Medical Care

Virtual Medical Care (E-health) is a simple, convenient way to get high quality healthcare for treatment and diagnosis of most minor medical conditions from home, work or travels via internet and phone.  These 24/7/365 Virtual Doctor visits are available free to Lyons Magnus employees and dependents who are enrolled in the Lyons Magnus Medical Insurance Plan. Virtual Medical Care (E-health) makes quality healthcare available anywhere, anytime for FREE!


Dental Insurance Plan

Comprehensive dental coverage is an optional benefit provided for eligible employees and dependents.  Employees share in the cost of coverage with pre-tax payroll deductions.  Included are provisions for basic and major dental work.


Vision Discount Plan

Lyons Magnus also offers you the option to purchase vision care at a discount cost through Total Vision Services, a nationwide network of more than 12,000 vision care providers.  The plan provides its members discount rates on most vision care expenses including PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) and Lasik Eye Surgery procedures.  Vision discount coverage is available to you and your family members upon enrollment.


Disability Coverage Plan

Lyons Magnus provides at no cost to the employee disability coverage to supplement your income for qualified non-occupational injuries and illnesses or while you are disabled. 

Glasses Fitting
Business Colleagues

Life Insurance Benefits Plan

Lyons Magnus provides its employees, upon enrollment in the health insurance plan, with basic life insurance benefits.


Flexible Spending Account Plan

Lyons Magnus offers the option of two different types of pre-tax spending accounts that allows you to reimburse yourself for out of pocket expenses and helps you pay less in taxes: 

  • Each year an employee may contribute up to $2,500.00 (before taxes) to your health care spending account to help pay for eligible health care expenses incurred by you or your family members who are not reimbursed by any other source. 

  • Each year an employee may contribute up to $5,000.00 (before taxes) to your dependent care spending account to pay for eligible dependent child-care or adult–care expenses that enable you or your spouse to work.


Matched Retirement Savings – 401k

Lyons Magnus employees are eligible to contribute to its retirement income savings plan on the first day following six months of employment.  As a new employee, you are automatically enrolled in the 401k. You will receive notice on your first day of hire about this automatic enrollment.   This 401k plan offers employees the opportunity to save pre-tax dollars for retirement while deferring their tax obligation.  Currently, Lyons Magnus matches a portion of your contributions and makes a discretionary contribution based on your annual base compensation. Matching contributions are invested in the same funds your current contributions go into and are made at the end of each year.


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

It’s tough dealing with new challenges, such as finding child or elder care, bankruptcy or substance abuse, especially on your own. The stress alone can affect your work, health and family.  Those are the times you want someone in your corner who will listen, offer advice, and point you in the right direction for additional help. That’s what you get from the EAP that offers support when you need it most from highly trained professionals, at no cost to all of Lyons Magnus employees and dependents.    


Educational Assistance

Lyons Magnus offers an educational assistance program to its employees, which helps offset the cost of education for courses relevant to the employee’s current or future positions within Lyons Magnus at the undergraduate level, graduate level or in vocational endeavors. 


Child Dependent Laptop Assistance

At Lyons Magnus we recognize the importance of your children having the latest technology while attending school.  The Company will assist in the purchase of a laptop for your child if you and your child meet certain criteria (GPA, Etc.).

The information contained on this page does not provide complete details on the Lyons Magnus Benefits Programs. Complete details are contained in the plan documents, policies and trust agreements. If there is a conflict between what is presented here and the official documents, the documents will govern. The Company reserves the right to alter, modify, amend or terminate in whole or in part any benefit plan for active or retired employees or any provisions of the plan at any time without prior notification.

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