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Careers at Lyons

Lyons Magnus requires skilled and capable employees in a wide array of fields. Each department is equally important to our success. Browse our job categories below to find the specialty that best fits your skills and career aspirations.


Customer Service

Our Customer Service representatives work directly with our customers to guarantee they get the satisfaction they deserve. The Customer Service department is in charge of increasing the quality of sales by adhering to company policy, maintaining customer satisfaction, and troubleshooting issues.


Engineering and Maintenance

At Lyons Magnus, it's not just what is made, but how it’s made with a focus on safety, quality and efficiency. Our Engineering and Maintenance teams are constantly being challenged to develop and maintain better, faster processes for our food manufacturing operations.


Finance and Accounting

Ensuring the company runs successfully and profitably means it’s crucial to have a strong Finance and Accounting Team. At Lyons, our team provides business analyses and recommendations to an operating group on topics like pricing, capital investment, make vs. buy, product ROI, cost reduction and expense controls. The team members perform financial and operational audits to enhance internal controls and operational process improvements. They also consult leadership on the designing and implementing of next-generation systems for finance and accounting.

Human Resources

As a growing company, it is important to attract and retain a talented workforce. The HR department employees play a wide variety of roles for the company as they are advocates for both the company and the people who work for the company. It takes a good professional who can balance those roles to meet the needs of both successfully.


Information Technology

Our Information Technology department is responsible for keeping our electronic communication running smoothly. Our team of experts in this field oversees the day-to-day operations of electronic devices including personal work stations and networks. Our team also ensures there is a workable disaster recovery backup and understands the need for continued healthy operations of the company. The IT department is more than the people who show up to fix computer crashes; they play a valuable role in making all other departments productive and successful in their endeavors.



Our four manufacturing plants feature full manufacturing capabilities that allow us to effectively manufacture and distribute products to all of the United States and throughout the world. Throughout the year, we offer various jobs in the manufacturing arena from production workers to managerial opportunities.

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The Lyons Marketing department attracts and retains new customers, identifies new product development opportunities, improves product marketability and identifies competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Our team of experts excels in many areas including graphic design, copywriting, social media coordination, website production and maintenance, video production, packaging design, and much more.


Quality Assurance and Quality Control

QA/QC is embedded in our culture at Lyons Magnus. We devote thousands of hours to QA/QC every year and carefully monitor every critical control point to ensure the products we produce are premium for our customers.  From sourcing products to manufacturing to storing and distributing products, our QA/QC team is a part of each step and must be detail-oriented individuals who take pride in making an excellent product. 

Research and Product Development

We have a team of Research and Product Development scientists and technologists who specialize in formula development for a wide variety of food and beverage products. Some of these products include concentrates and bases for juices, smoothies, shakes, cocktails, syrups, and drizzles for coffees and teas, breakfast syrups for pancakes, waffles, fillings & preserves, chocolate syrups and sundae toppings for ice cream, fruit preps for yogurt, cream cheese, and cottage cheese plus specialty beverages and nutritional supplements for the healthcare industry.


Our team of experts work with industry-leading ingredients and fruit suppliers to develop innovative and creative products tailored to the customers’ needs. Customized product development is one of our specialties!


Lyons Magnus has a history of strong sales growth in each of the divisions of the Company including Foodservice, Ingredients, and Co-Manufacturing. We have a highly competitive Sales team that introduces new products into the marketplace that meet the needs of a large variety of foodservice manufacturers and many large national brand manufacturers.


Sales Operations

S­ales Operations team members work with our sales team to make sound and timely business decisions that drive short-term and long-term performance. They help align selling resources with the greatest opportunities in the most cost-effective ways and improve sales performance through better processes, technology and methodologies. Ultimately, Sales Operations activities significantly contribute to the success of a sales organization and that organization's ability to meet/exceed business targets.


Supply Chain and Purchasing

Our Supply Chain and Purchasing teams keep our complex manufacturing efforts on track. From planning, purchasing, and forecasting all goods and services to managing supply chains, these teams keep our production running smoothly. They help optimize inventory, drive product-build plans and provide product engineering and marketing supply line support. These teams play a crucial role in ensuring we partner with the right suppliers.

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