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Introducing Maui® Refreshers - A Burst of Flavor and Natural Energy

Updated: Jul 9

We are excited to present the latest addition to the Maui® Original Fruit Blends line: Maui® Refreshers. Escape to the tropics with these vibrant drinks that come in two tantalizing flavors: Raspberry Dragonfruit and Mango Pineapple Citrus.

A rising star in the coffeehouse segment, refreshers are now the fastest-growing beverage category in the coffeehouse space – now on over 90% of U.S. coffeehouse menus¹. Whether consumers are starting their day or need an afternoon pick-me-up, Maui® Refreshers are the perfect choice.

Infused with natural energy and bursting with tropical flavor, Maui® Refreshers are made with real fruit purees and juice concentrates. Pump 1 fl oz in a glass and mix with lemonade, sparkling water, or coconut milk. Each fl oz of Maui® Refresher contains 60 mg of caffeine from green coffee extract and whole coffee fruit extract. This natural caffeine provides a gentle energy boost, making them a great alternative to traditional coffee.

Maui® Refreshers are operator-friendly and easily stored at ambient temperatures on any shelf or pantry.

Maui® Refreshers are now available through foodservice distributors; contact your Lyons Magnus representative for more information.

¹Technomic, Lyons proprietary research


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