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Introducing Maui Shelf Stable Lemonade

We are excited to announce our latest new product launch: Maui Lemonade.


Crafted with the same real fruit goodness as our Maui Fruit Blends product line, our new lemonade is made with lemon juice, sugar, and light pulp. It is free of artificial flavors and colors. Our flash pasteurization process allows us to turn these ingredients into shelf stable beverage bases while maintaining their fresh flavor and vibrant color. The 3+1 preparation is easy: simply pour the carton contents into a pitcher then fill with water to one gallon.


A summertime staple and a year-round classic, our Maui Lemonade is designed to deliver that perfect blend of zesty tartness and sweetness when poured over ice. Add Maui Smoothie Mixes, Pourable Fruit, or Coffee House Essentials Syrups to create craft lemonades. With a crowd favorite like lemonade, the possibilities are endless!


We’re ready for summer with new Maui Lemonade! Product is available through foodservice distributors; contact your Lyons Magnus representative for more information.


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